Frequently Asked Questions

What is FC Meta?
FC Meta (Football Club Meta) is a mobile play-to-earn game on the blockchain. Players have special abilities which make this more than just your typical mobile football game. FC Meta combines the strategy of football with the saviness of NFT collecting and the thrill of betting.
Users will purchase NFTs or “packs” to build their perfect team. Players will be rewarded with in-game tokens, which they can utilize for a richer game experience or conversions to other crypto tokens.
How many NFTs can I mint?
You can mint up to 3 clubs per wallet.
What is the mint price?
Mint price is yet to be announced.
How do I select my language and join my language chat?
Go to languages and react with your country flag emoji. Then scroll through the left column to the very bottom and there you will find your chat.
What can I gain from being part of the FC Meta community?
The FC Meta Discord is a place where you can connect with other players and level up. Our Discord is also where we will announce future IRL events, sports tickets, and even FC Meta merch so you can match the players on your FC Meta league.
What are the long term goals of PC Meta?
  • FC Meta will establish a community where people feel rewarded and have a sense of belonging whenever they sign up.
  • We are developing the first NFT mobile football game with strategy at its core.
  • When the community expands, the value of the collection will increase, and everyone will be rewarded.
  • In the future, FC Meta might expand into other sports clubs.
How is FC Meta different than other blockchain-based sports games?
Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of FC Meta. All genders, shapes, sizes and colors are welcome on our field. Unlike other gaming projects, we have a practical plan for game development where you players can earn, play, trade, win stakes and be in control of all the characters' emblems and your name.
Users can play the game with friends in the real world and online. With only 15-seconds per turn, users will have to be very creative with their strategy! And that’s the fun of the game. We’ll also be holding educational seminars about the state of crypto and NFTs, featuring experts from around the world to educate our community. And we also have a health component - we will teach our community how to eat and exercise regularly, so that they can be as healthy as their NFT players!