🎓What is FC Meta?

What's the hype all about?

FC Meta is a next-gen football mobile game

FC Meta, otherwise known as Football Club Meta, is a mobile P2E NFT-based game and collection designed with football lovers in mind. There is undoubtedly something for everyone, with incredibly unique and realistic-looking football player characters. The characters consist of women and men in different shapes, sizes, colors and special abilities. As firm believers in the value of gender equality, we’ve created diverse characters to celebrate and embrace diversity while spreading good vibes amongst our community members.

For the first time in the NFT world, our holders will be able to use their characters in a mobile (Android and iOS) football game, which allows them to play in PvP competitive modes, pick their lineup, strategies, type of characters and options to improve their characters' abilities. Prizes can be won by winning a series of games, a single game or winning the entire league. Prizes can be redeemed and converted to crypto or used to improve and increase the character's value.

All game assets are NFTs and holders will be able to trade, sell and transfer their assets on the trading platforms or directly through their wallets. We aim to bring the play-to-earn game to the next level and actually allow holders to earn from their holdings in both short and long term.

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