๐ŸŽฒMeta Gameplay

  1. Required stakes are based on League Points so higher stakes require higher points which increases the difficulty of the game.

  2. Each PvP winner will receive the gameโ€™s staked coins while the loser of the round loses their coins.

  3. The abilities of each character can be upgraded by participating in the training zone and obtaining extra coins can help speed up the training process.

  4. Every time you are able to level-up your ability, the impact and radius during game play increase.

  5. Club owners are required to obtain certain League Points before they can register to the cup game.

  6. Just like players, characters can get injured or tired during gameplay and they may require a break. First aid kits and boosters can help speed up your characterโ€™s recovery time.

  7. Boosters and first aid kits can be obtained through mini games and daily bonuses for returning owners!

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