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How do I get my club?

During our pre-sale, genesis (aka initial) NFT holders will mint club emblems which can be redeemed for a full 6-player NFTs team in our website (https://fcmeta.io). All players redeemed will be transferred to the holders' wallet. Genesis holders will receive many benefits depends on their HoF rank.

What is a “pack”?

If you missed out on the pre-sale club mint you can still buy your team in our game by heading into our website or marketplace and purchasing a pack. A pack includes 6 players and will play unpack animation while revealing the minted players and the players will be transferred to the holders' wallet.

What game modes are available?

Each game mode has a different entry fee and requirements, based on skill and league points accumulated. Better players with higher league points will be able to unlock higher play-modes and play for higher stakes. Games are either PvP or PvE (training). PvP modes are great way to earn - users pay entry fee which is then staked and winners take it all. Get better at the game and earn more by winning your matches!

Are there leagues & championships?

Yes! In our leagues, players form leaderboards with rankings and gain league points that allows them to progress to higher stakes and unlock new game modes. During a Cup Tournament, which is a special event that players register for beforehand, users will compete against each other for tokens, leaderboard placement, cup trophy and bragging rights.

Is there an FC Meta marketplace?

Yes! Users will be able to trade their characters in the FC Meta marketplace for different characters with different abilities and physical traits. Just like with a regular football team, you will be able to add players to your roster to create the perfect team and be victorious. Only 6 players can be assigned to your lineup at a time but more players can be held in your club.

Will I have stats? How will they be recorded?

Each NFT player will have a personal record of stats, and there will be a general leaderboard. Players will be able to keep track of how many goals they scored, how many games they played, cup winnings and more. Special abilities will be graded by levels.

How do I earn?

  • Daily prizes will be awarded for users who play FC Meta consistently. The more days in a row users play, the more valuable prizes become.

  • Win matches against players for different stakes.

  • Win cup tournaments and special events.

  • Improve and sell your characters in our marketplace.

  • "Legendary" users earn passively from our stadium's mechanism. To become one, check HoF section.

How do I sign up?

You can join our Discord server and other social media channels here.

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