Footballers Abilities

What types of abilities will I have in the game?

Each player (NFT) will be granted a special ability which will be randomly associated with the character when generating the NFT.

1. Shock Freeze - Freeze an opponent's player for 1 round (not useable for round 1).

2. Earthquake - Create an earthquake leaving a random hole in the ground. If an opponent’s ball or player falls into the hole, they will respawn out of position.

3. Magnet - Pulls the opposing players away from the ball.

4. Tornado - Causes a tornado to rip through the stadium and randomly rearrange units.

5. Fire - Sets the ball on fire and grants the player a stronger kick.

You can counter your opponent's abilities by having a matching ability or a higher level ability that can disable your opponent's ability.

6. Sniper - Increases the aim vision making the shot much more accurate.

7. Giant - Increase character size by 10% to provide better protection in the next round.

8. Shield - Place a shield wall on a player. Only a sniper and a fire can break this shield.

9. Darkness - Removes your opponent’s view of your side of the stadium to reduce opponent’s ability to aim.

10. Electric Shock - Creates an electric field on a chosen opposing player and causes their shots to be inaccurate and off-target.

11. Banana kick - Switch you aim arrow from straight to curved so special goals can be scored.

12. Double up - A player is duplicated (becomes 2 players) for one round.

Activating an ability is a hard decision - abilities can only be activated ONCE per player per game. During your 15 seconds turn you should decide whether the ability should be activated or not and just shoot the ball regularly.

How do I upgrade my abilities?

Special abilities have 5 levels. Level 1 abilities are most basic abilities with least effect (Damage radius, damage power, time of effect). Level 5 abilities have catastrophic damage and effects. In order to upgrade your abilities, you should go to training center and activate ability training which will take sometime depends on the ability current and next level.

Players' energy decay during the game and efficiency is reduced towards the end of the game. Better to consider that when building your strategy!

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