🔹How does the league work?

League's mechanism

Fairness. Equality. Winnings.

Each club owner will have a league rank based on his league points (LP) and then be placed in one of our leagues. No matter if you are an experienced player or a new player, your club will be placed in a league where you have a chance to win!

Each league contains certain teams with different ranks, where strongest players will play against the strongest players and less strong players will play against less strong players. This creates Fairness and Equality and gives every holder a chance to win his appropriate league.

Each league has it's own prize pools, with the highest prize pool for the highest ranked league to the lowest ranked league.

How do I earn?

Each league has a 16 teams elimination bracket and 1 winner per bracket who is the league winner. Once a team wins any match in it's bracket, it earns a prize that is dedicated to the league from the prize pool and this prize can be converted to crypto or redeemed to buy improvements for players.

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