🤩Why FC Meta?

Why FC Meta?

We have decided to take the NFT technology to the next level and create an actual value to our characters. We figured the best way to support the NFT community and this technology is to create something valuable that can benefit the users, we have decided to create an actual mobile game where you can improve, have fun, win tokens and spend time with friends. Instead of investing money on skins or other in-game purchases that are not redeemable we have decided to allow all our believers and holders to be in full control of their assets and earn when their characters' value increase or when they win games.

Moreover - we have decided to think out of the box and make sure all genders and colors feel home in our game and find a way to express themselves.

What's better then playing a fun, strategic, turns based game for rewards with or against your friends? Nothing! Join us on this wonderful journey and show your support by becoming OG member of our community.

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